Tuesday, December 13, 2011


So, it's no secret that I've been sick. But I'm getting better every day! :D

I have to take these awful shots that hurt like a bitch.. but, they truly are working their magic. And that's all I will share about that. What matters is that I have been writing music! YAY!

Yes, I'm working on album numero dos. It's actually almost done... which, is amazing. I haven't done any recording and my DAW is in complete disarray from moving around and stuff but, I will get to that by New Years and everything will be ready to go. :)

I'm super excited. I bought a new keyboard, a classic Casio SK-5 to help get my creative juices flowing. It's good cause since it's so small I can take it to the park and just mess around with it and write down some ideas. I'm proud though, I've got 6 out of 8 songs written thus far, so all I need to do is produce them. Maybe I can get some demos up pretty soon.

I've been promising the booklet for Dream Killer would be posted, and it has been done since.. forever ago. I just haven't had a chance to PDF it yet. I'll try to get on that and have it posted by the end of the week. I know, promises, promises but I am going to TRY. :)

I am also going to TRY to do the Year of the Youtube project again. Hee.

Thanks for your support!

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