Sunday, September 4, 2011

This isn't Houston.

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who has continued to support me and my work. Anyone who's ever listened to a Symphlov track and hummed it, forgot its lyrics and made up your own, bragged about it to your friends, commentated on how it relates to other music you like, made a video, danced around in your underwear.. made a mix tape.. haha.
All of you, thank you. :)
This is truly my dream come true and even though I am having a few bumps in the road I'll keep trucking on'..
Keep on truckin' on. Or something.
I've been writing my next album in sporadic bursts. I get like, a random tune in my head or a group of lyrics and just write it down and see if I can get a song to write itself. Its not cheating I swear. My goal.. haha "goals" yes I still set those- anyway, my goal was to have this album at least written by now. DK was released unofficially on 10/10/10, and so I wanted to do something cleaver and have this one released on 11/11/11. But.. I guess that wont happen at this rate :\.
OH! I just got an idea.........................
Ok. I just got an awesome idea. I just wanted to post an update so you guys know I'm still alive and I've been working hard when I can. I've got some projects in the works! :D It's exciting :]