Thursday, March 3, 2011

You'll love me :)

Hi there.
I've been sort of invisible for a while online with twitter and blogger and everything and I had to postpone my YOTY project cause I fell a little ill. No worries! I am getting better daily! Also I've been using this downtime to diligently write new music. I've actually been quite productive for someone who sleeps most of the day away on painkillers and hasn't left my room in forever.. but like I said, its all good. :)
I've got so many new ideas!! I've gotta take Tofu out to the park and just relax a little and get some fresh air.. my mind, body and soul is begging for it. I always get super inspired when I go to the park for some reason ;).. i wonder why? Haha.
But really. It's been kinda rough these past few months but now I'm ready to get back in the game! I'll have YOTY started soon, and I'll even have the art for Dream Killer uploaded within the next few weeks! Thanks for your support.. it means the world to artists like me.
You'll love me when I get this stuff done.

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