Saturday, January 15, 2011

Symphlov - Rocketship Lyrics

Dream Killer 2010

This is crazy.. this is sick
I think im crazy... I must be sick
If you knew how I felt about you, you'd flip and probably ask me to be dismissed.
Yep, dismissed- cause you cant trust me.
In a million years you couldnt love me, well you could but it'd be ugly.. and you'd never be happy.
But that doesn't mean you aren't in my heart.. but I put my passion before my heart
and I put my passion behind my art.. and well thats where all the issues start
And I change my mind a lot.. sometimes I'm loyal sometimes I'm not
Sometimes I'm happy sometimes I drop, Im not satisfied with what I've got.

[I dont know what I'm looking for, but I know I want more
I knew what I wanted before, but now im not sure]

Baby, you got it.


This is crazy.. this is sick..
I think I'm crazy.. I must be sick.
And if a genie gave me a wish, I'd ask for a rocket ship
So I could give you the universe. You and me we'd see it first
I'd do my best to make us work, but we wont cause babe I'm cursed
Yep, I'm cursed- I cant be still. Even though I know how that makes you feel.
But love you know how you make me feel
and I hope that you know thats real.
Kid keep your head up, never say its too rough
we both know you're too tough and this world is not enough.

I'm always chasing something, never ending wanting
I'm always chasing something, get it then dont want it..

I know im missing something and baby you got it..
I know im missing something and baby you got it..
I know im missing something.. I can feel it. And baby you got it.

Copyright A.Cameron 2010

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