Thursday, December 9, 2010

Symphlov: Year of the Youtube.

So, I've got a new project idea that I know you will love.
My friends and allies have been eagerly suggesting that I start a series of Youtube performance videos so that I might reach a broader audience. I always wanted to do Youtube vids, honestly, but I was more invested in a Madonna girl project in which I recreate all of my favorite Madonna songs which.. now seems almost a bit creepy on my part lol. Ok not really I still want to, I'm just afraid of the legality of it all and I don't want to be sued...
Anyways, I've decided to get on this. Starting NYE I will be posting performances every 2 weeks (because honestly I'm trying to figure out how I'll do this so starting slow is good) whether they be open mics, i score a show or just in my house. Whatever is whatever.
So, first I gotta get a better camera.
I hope you guys tune in NYE and continue to follow my 2011 journey with me.
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