Thursday, May 20, 2010

Like if its not your art, its wasting time~

Cause soon I'll light the sky... :)
So its been crazy trying to balance work, school, social activities and DK. I crashed today and slept for 4 hours after class lol. I might have to press the pause button one more time on DK but thats alright! The summer mini semester is only 3 weeks left. Then I will transition into the regular summer quarter. That might sound like a lot but no worries its not! Ok it is.. I don't know how I'm going to keep my job lol.. there are not enough hours in a day..
Oh but good news! I bought a new guitar and its lovely! I will post a pic later. Its my baby <3. I think we should marry and raise a family of little songs and melodies. I made a vow today too, to never let my art become a chore. I keep reading status posts of my friends complaining about their art projects that they have to finish and I dread the thought of ever working so hard that i forget why I am doing this. I make music because I love it.. and ifs its not made with love then what's the point?
Anyways, I am working very hard. These music classes are tough but I know that I am getting better everyday. I just need to make sure I remember not to push myself too hard because I am a fainter lol. Seriously New York, I am fighting so hard for you. You better treat me right..

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