Friday, January 1, 2010


Is my new musical project, I actually got the idea for it when I was inking a new design for a tattoo last fall. I am wayy excited because I am going back to my blood and... gah I dont want to give it away but its gonna be syck I swear!

I have waited until the very last minute to order my APC40 because I have been composing and writing and seriously have not even cashed my checks yet. But I will be ordering my baby from Ebay today~~ hehe.

I shall name him upon receipt...?

Oh yeah loud jackets is kinda sorta almost 80% done, so what I decided to do is make it even better by combining it with some new stuff that I have been working on. A little project I like to call [LJ/DK] << its fuckin tight.

I might upload some album art when I get a free minute.

///Actually I might redo all the album art so nevermind.... haha.

BtW, Happy New Year!! I was gonna go downtown but ended up spending my entire night recording.. a better use of the time anyways I guess. :)


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