Monday, January 18, 2010


So I've been fighting with this idea for a long time.. and I'm like// still not 100% on it but I really want to do a RATATAT project. Basically what I want to do it take my favorite Ratatat songs and write pop lyrics for them over the song. I did one a couple of summers ago called "Pretend" over "Crips". It was in my opinion, legit B). The reason I am having such a hard time with this is because I don't like to sample other artist's work and what if I fuck up the song and blah blah blah.. watevr i am almost 87% close to doing this and I'm sure vodka and some lyrical inspiration will find that other 13% and push it over the edge. It would be tight as hell to finish like 8 songs. Of course I wouldn't try to sell it but man, that would be.. they are my heros. Mike and Evan are like electro gods. Haha. I feel like i am not worthy.. yet, ha. Gimme like a week. ;)

[Edit 3.3.10: I have decided to start this project right after I get LJ/DK on itunes ;)]

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